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Shivika make their little world of love in Ishqbaaz

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Anika senses someone in the house. Shivay gains a new experience by shopping for grocery. Anika feels homesick. She misses everyone. She tries asking Shivay the reason for leaving the family. He doesn’t feel like telling her the matter, only to keep her away from worries. She gets upset with Shivay. He tries to sing a song and make up to her. He asks her not to stay upset, as he can’t see her like that. He wants her to smile again. He sings a wonderful song and convinces her. They both have a beautiful moment in their new house. They are away from the family and still try to find happiness.

Shivay doesn’t want her to stay sad. He cheers her up and gives a romantic touch to their story. They make a new start. He shows her Shivika’s name plate and fixes it outside the house. Anika tries to settle everything in their new house. They get a new member in the house, a cat. Shivay and Anika take care of the cat. Anika feeds the cat. He asks Anika not to feed too much to the cat, which can be bad for cat’s health.

Shivay and Anika get ready to face new challenges and hope to unite with the family. Shivay faces troubles in acquiring the land. He visits the plot and sees some goons playing there. He asks them to vacate the land. Goons challenge him to play cricket and win. Shivay has to start his new project soon. He confronts the goons and accepts the challenge. He plays cricket and answers them by his victory. Shivay plans to set up a hotel business in Goa.


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