Uma to punish Aditya for his bad deeds in Tu Sooraj…

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Uma tells Kanak that he can’t be her love now, as he is marrying Paulmi. He asks her to leave all her hopes. He doesn’t want Kanak to be after him. He breaks her mangalsutra, trying to explain that its too late now. Kanak challenges him that she will get him back by her love and belief. She tells what the power of love can do. Aditya fails to kill Kanak on the haldi ceremony day. He re-plans to kill Kanak on Uma’s wedding day. Aditya tries to hang Kanak and kill her. Kanak shouts to Uma. She fails to help herself. She falls in Aditya’s trap. Aditya stays there to see her taking her last breath.

Kanak sheds tears in pain. Uma comes to save Kanak. He holds her to support and makes her open the ropes. The goons beat up Uma. Uma does not move and bears the torture till he gets Kanak freed from the ropes. Kanak gets down safe. Uma then shows his action side and beats up the goons.

Uma catches Aditya and beats him. He says you have stained Maasi’s womb by being her son, Maasi is like a Devi. He beats Aditya for badly eyeing Kanak. Uma learns Aditya has drugged Kanak and got her away from the family. He doesn’t want to leave supporting Kanak. Uma bears the fatal attacks and proves that Kanak is his life. Kanak knew Uma will come to save her. Uma tells Aditya that he loves Kanak, he can’t see her in pain. Kanak gets glad hearing him. Uma then tells her that she is his life, he loves her a lot. He drags Aditya home and exposes his crime in front of everyone.


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