Aryan feels humiliated by Manish’s silence in Yeh Rishta…


Naira and Kartik ask Suwarna to stay hopeful that Manish will celebrate their anniversary. Dadi worries that Naira’s plan can get the family insulted. The guests start asking Suwarna about Manish. Manish makes his presence known by his special song for Suwarna. Manish apologizes to Suwarna in front of everyone. He feels lucky to get a life partner like Suwarna. He understands her sacrifice. He tells her that he can’t live without her, and she means a world to him. Suwarna gets glad that he has forgiven her. Naira and Kartik bring happiness in everyone’s lives. Manish and Suwarna celebrate with the entire family. The family dance and have a good time. Aryan feels lonely.

Aryan didn’t know Manish will drop his annoyance so soon. Aryan waits for them to introduce him as family member. Kartik gets disturbed on seeing Raghav in the party. He doesn’t want Raghav to spoil their happiness.


Manish and Suwarna cut the cake and make a wish for family’s happiness. The guests notice Aryan and ask Manish about him. Dadi feels Manish’s reputation is at stake. Dadi doesn’t let anyone answer about Aryan. Aryan feels bad that the family avoided the question so well. He feels their love is just a drama. Manish and Suwarna want to make Aryan realize that they love him a lot. Raghav reaches close to Naira.

Kartik makes him away from Naira. He asks him why is he following Naira. Raghav tells him that he is Naira’s ex-lover. Kartik manages to throw him out of the family. Kartik doesn’t want Naira’s happiness to get down. Kartik tells Raghav that he is Naira’s husband. He asks Raghav to keep his past to himself and leave, as past doesn’t matter to him. Raghav tries much to instigate Kartik. Kartik turns deaf ears this sad tale. Kartik keeps Naira away from problems. They have a cute romantic moment to celebrate their love. Dadi sees them hiding under the table and knows Naira’s mischief. She asks Naira to come out and talk to her. Naira and Kartik argue when they get caught by Dadi.


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