Baldev’s deed leaves Satrupa heartbroken in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh

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Anami confronts Satrupa for hiding Lakshya’s drawing. Satrupa cooks an instant story and fools Anami. She finds it tough to lie to Anami, but she doesn’t want to lose Anami. Anami checks Satrupa’s car and doesn’t get any clue. She doesn’t understand what kidnapper wants to do. Satrupa tells her that she didn’t get Lakshya, but his drawing proves that he is fine. Anami shares the matter with Adhiraj. She tells him that Lakshya is fine and happy, that’s why he has happily made a cheerful drawing. Adhiraj gets suspicious about Satrupa. She thinks if Satrupa has kidnapped Lakshya and kept him away from the family. She tells him how much Lakshya is influenced by Satrupa. He doesn’t understand her motives behind this.

Sudha tells Baldev that Narottam is missing. She asks him to help her find Narottam. Baldev asks her to leave, as Narottam is not his son. She asks him to accept his son. She begs him to help her against Satrupa. Satrupa gets heartbroken finding Sudha with Baldev. Baldev consoles Sudha seeing her sorrowful state.

Satrupa gets angered seeing Sudha targeting Baldev. She reminds Baldev his promise. She asks him not to revive his past again. She suggests him to keep Sudha away. He tells her that he didn’t break his promise, Anami has got his past back in their lives. He asks her to better control Anami.

Poonam tells Anami that Narottam is also missing like Lakshya. Anami gets doubtful that Sudha was really asking Satrupa about Narottam. She thinks if Sudha has cheated her. She meets Sudha. Sudha tells her that Satrupa is using both of them for her motives. Anami tells Sudha that she knows Satrupa loves Lakshya. Sudha tells her that Satrupa has cheated her. Anami warns Sudha. She tells her that she will throw her out of Lal Mahal if she knows her involvement in Lakshya and Narottam’s kidnapping. Sudha fails to defend herself. Purushottam manages to escape from Satrupa’s clutches. He calls Anami and fools her about Lakshya. He threatens her once again. He asks her to meet him if she doesn’t want to lose Lakshya. She agrees to take the risk and meet Purushottam.






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