Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Simmi plays a new wicked game in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Pihu requests Raman not to send her away to the boarding. Raman assures Pihu that he will always keep Pihu with the family. Simmi instigates him and asks him to send Pihu to the boarding school for her safety. She asks him to keep Ishita away from Pihu, as Pihu fell in danger because of Ishita. She asks him to think how Pihu got kidnapped when the culprit wanted to take revenge from Ishita. Raman fears for Pihu’s life and allows Simmi to go to the boarding.

Ishita gets discharged from the hospital. The family welcomes her home. Ishita gains her strength. Ishita decides to meet Raman and thank him for saving her life. She gets ready to remind Raman their old days. Raman tells Shagun that Simmi has taken Pihu to the boarding. Shagun tells him that Ishita wanted to meet him and Pihu once. She feels Simmi did wrong to take Pihu away. Raman decides to meet Ishita. Shagun hopes everything will get fine between Raman and Ishita. Ishita heartily thanks Raman for saving her. He thanks her for risking her life to save his daughter.

He asks her to get away from their lives if she really wants good for them. He asks her not to meet Pihu again. She gets a shock on hearing him. Shagun tells Raman that Ishita is their well wisher. Raman apologizes to Ishita. He tells her that he can’t hurt Simmi’s sentiments by allowing her to come home. He asks Ishita to stay away from his family. Ishita gets heartbroken seeing his hatred. She doesn’t want to live without Raman and Pihu. She gets angered that Simmi has played her dirty games again. She feels Pihu needs her the most. She doesn’t get scared of Simmi’s threatening. She goes to meet Pihu at the school.

She learns Simmi has taken Pihu away and got her admission in some other school. Ishita determines to reach Pihu. Simmi wants Ishita to yearn for Pihu. She enjoys troubling Ishita. Ishita tries to get any information about Pihu’s new school. She worries that Raman will not understand her worries. Raman gets invited for a business felicitation. Simmi tries to keep Ishita away from Raman. Ishita decides to meet Raman and tell him that Pihu is her daughter and she is Raman’s wife.


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