Suraj to save Chakor’s life in Udaan


Chakor is determined to help Suraj regain his lost memory. Imli and Ranvijay instigate Suraj against Chakor. Suraj assures them that he will keep Chakor away from their work. He doesn’t want Chakor to interfere in their lives. Imli plays politics again. Chakor opposes Imli and Ranvijay again. Suraj stops Chakor from creating a scene. The people gather to attend the puja and have food. Chakor goes to taste the food, to know if everything is right. Imli blames Chakor for snatching her parents. She curses Chakor and Kasturi. Chakor loses her cool and takes a stand for her parents. Suraj stops Chakor from arguing. Imli tries to show that she is a great lady, who is helping the villagers. She asks villagers to come for the Mahabhoj.

Imli gets angry when Bhuvan and Kasturi speak against her. She gets jealous of Chakor for winning their parents. She feels Kasturi loves Chakor more than her. On the other hand, Ranvijay mixes some drugs in the food. He tells Imli that people will fall ill after having food and then they will need their doctors. Imli asks Suraj to give the food only to grown ups. Suraj offers the food to everyone, except Chakor. He saves her life by not letting her eat the food. Chakor doesn’t realize why Suraj stopped her from eating the drugged food. Imli asks Suraj to keep Chakor away from puja and medical camp. Chakor worries that food has something mixed. She tries to stop them from consuming food.


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