Uma and Kanak to get re-married in Tu Sooraj…


Uma and Kanak have a sweet moment. They start their new life. They talk via eyes. Both of them do their work and lose focus on seeing each other. Uma makes medicines and grinds some herbs. He just adores Kanak. Kanak turns shy seeing him. Kanak writes Uma loves Kanak and shows him. Uma makes her correct his spelling. They have magical love moments. Shiv and Suman tell Uma that they know he can’t live without Kanak, but Maasi asked them not to let them meet. Uma and Kanak have come close after he called off his marriage with Paulmi. Paulmi tells everyone that she will leave the house, she regrets to come between Uma and Kanak, she won’t be right if she stays with them in same house. She apologizes to Kanak.

Kanak asks Paulmi not to apologize, as it was not her mistake. Uma sends off Paulmi. Paulmi gets angry seeing Kanak and Uma, and ruins Kanak’s love expression. Paulmi leaves from the house with sorrow. Rani stops Kanak from meeting Uma. Kanak asks what’s this, three villains in our small love story. She asks them to let her develop her love story. Uma laughs hearing Kanak’s funny words. Maasi decides to call pandit and get a mahurat for Uma and Kanak’s re-marriage. She tries to keep Kanak away from Uma.


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