Vidyut lays his smart plan to trap Neo in Naamkarann


Avni protects everyone from the bad doers in the jail. Monica keeps an eye on Avni and thinks how does Avni control everyone, what’s special in her. She tries to know more about Avni. She asks the girls about Avni. She wants to know what’s Avni’s past, how did she land in jail. The girls tell Monica about Avni, who rescued the needy from trouble creators. She says Avni taught us to create stuff and sell to earn a living, Avni practices fighting and meditates in her cell. Monica gets confused knowing about Avni’s behavior. Avni gets to see Neil on tv and recalls the past. She feels hurt, still thinking that Neil doesn’t believe her.

Vidyut complains to commissioner about some attacker Neo. Neil assures to Vidyut that he will catch Neo. He promises to safeguard Vidyut. Vidyut boasts of his charity and social work. He tells about his new consignment and asks Neil to provide security. Neil understands Vidyut is trying to sell drugs. Vidyut keeps his image clean in front of police. Neil knows law can’t punish Vidyut, as there is no evidence against him, he wants to ruin the drugs consignment.


Vidyut traps Neil and wants to see how he will break his promise by attacking him as Neo now. Neil tells Neela about Vidyut’s masterplan to trap him in his own plan. Neil wants to fail Vidyut any how. Neela tells Neil that Neo has to attack Vidyut today, else Vidyut will understand that Neil is Neo. She tells him that she will go as Neo tonight. Neil doesn’t want Neela to take any risk. Neela tells him that this is very much necessary, else Vidyut can catch him.

Avni secretly tries to escape from the prison. She makes a tunnel in her cell. She continues to dig and hide the tunnel. Monica is also put in the same cell. Monica tries to get friendly with Avni. Avni worries that Monica can see the tunnel. Avni tries to get the jail map so that she can find an escape route. Monica keeps a watch on Avni. She doesn’t learn Avni’s planning. Avni finds Monica spying on her. Ali helps Avni to break the prison.


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