Anami and Satrupa back to their attitude avatars in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Satrupa becomes target of Purushottam and Sudha again. The evil duo try their best to kidnap Lakshya again. Satrupa manages to save Lakshya from them. Satrupa secures him and gets him home to end Anami’s sorrow. Anami is very happy that Lakshya has come back home. She pampers him with love. They play and have fun like before. She apologizes to him for the past mistakes, which had upset him. She tells him that he has come back before his birthday, and this is really great. She tells Lakshya that everything will happen as he wants. She wants to fulfill all his wishes. Her happiness has returned by his return. She wants to find out who had kidnapped Lakshya. She sees Lakshya bonding with Satrupa. She keeps an eye on him. She doesn’t want him to fall in risk. Anami looks for some perfect clothes for Lakshya.

Satrupa gets clothes for him. Lakshya likes the outfit and tells Anami that he will wear this one. Anami and Satrupa show attitude to each other. They were getting close because of Lakshya. Anami doubts that either of Sudha and Satrupa has kidnapped Lakshya. Satrupa compliments Lakshya. Anami gets jealous seeing their bonding. Satrupa plans a party for him. Anami doesn’t want to lose Lakshya to anyone. She wants to secure Lakshya and do her duties. Anami thinks of sending Lakshya back to Banaras, but Satrupa wants him to stay back as her motives to separate Anami and Sudha didn’t get fulfilled.


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