Naamkarann: Avni unknowingly steps in Neo’s place


Neil worries that he is failing to ruin Vidyut’s consignment. Vidyut makes fun of Neil. Avni gets to see the police and steps back from the escape plan. She gets to see a water pipe connection there and starts the sprinkler unknowingly. This ruins Vidyut’s drugs supply. Neil gets surprised seeing this and thinks Neela has come as Neo to help him. He gets thankful to Neela, unknown that she has gone to meet Avni. Avni comes back in time, before the jailer raises the alarm of her disappearance. She injures herself and acts to lie unconscious. Jailer sends her for aid.

Neela meets Avni. They have an emotional moment. Neela tells Neil that she didn’t come as Neo to help him, some angel would have done this. Neil thinks who would have done this, as the plan was not known to anyone. She tells her plan to make Vidyut confess his crimes and get Avni freed.

Neil wonders about the new angel. Ali meets Avni in the jail and passes the food made by Neela. Avni stays in bitter memories of Neil. She sheds tears. Neil reaches to find out the person who helped her. Avni finds a girl in trouble and goes to help. Neil and DD find a water pipeline connecting to the prison. Neil tries to find out if any prisoner is trying to escape. He gets clue about Avni’s presence. He wonders if Avni is trying to run away from jail, if she has helped him unknowingly. Will Neil know about Avni’s escape plan? Keep reading.


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