Ratan to suspect-humiliate Diya in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya

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Diya gets insulted by Ratan. Her heart breaks when Ratan doesn’t show any belief in her. Ratan poses many questions on her. He takes a test of her love. He says the girl who couldn’t understand Abhay’s love and patience for 12 years, what will she understand me. He scolds her and confronts her about the legal documents. He couldn’t hurt her. He instead slaps himself and cries. Diya sheds tears and feels hurt. Her duty and determination are still the same. She still wants to find the culprit. She doesn’t care what Ratan thinks about her.

She can’t tolerate that Ratan is doubting her, knowing what she has done for him. Chote Thakur plays this game. He blames Diya and declares that she is the real enemy of Ratan. He tells Ratan that Diya is after his property, she has fooled him only to win his trust. He accuses Diya for planning all the attacks on Ratan. Ratan is much immature and believes the family.

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Diya loses to them. Ratan asks her to leave from Kesar Mahal. Diya doesn’t want the enemy to take advantage of her silence. She fears for Ratan’s life. He asks her to face his dad’s picture and accept her crime if she has any shame left. He calls her a back stabber. Diya cries and tries to defend herself. The family supports Ratan. Ratan throws out Diya from the house. Diya gets helpless to leave from Kesar Mahal. She didn’t reveal her love drama plan to anyone, not even Yash. Ratan and Diya turned best friends and had much faith in each belief. When he calls her an enemy, she gets away from him with a broken heart. Later, Diya comes back to Kesar Mahal. Diya has got all the property on her name. Ratan fails to make her out of his life. He thinks to trouble her and give it back to her. What will Diya do now? Keep reading.






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