Shivay attempts to set things right in Ishqbaaz


Shivay gets injured. Anika worries for him. Shivay runs to save his brothers’ name from biting the dust. Shivay fights back. Tej ruins Shivay’s memories, and shocks the family. Omkara and Rudra get disheartened seeing Tej’s hatred for Shivay. They get their hands burnt and save the souvenirs. Shivay teaches a lesson to Carlos. Back at home, Omkara and Rudra shed tears in his memory. Shivay gets the land on the brothers’ name. He feels his brothers will always be with him.

Omkara makes it clear to Tej that his hatred will always lose in front of their love. He tells Tej that he can never break the brothers’ unity. Tej doesn’t care for their emotions. Anika tells the shocking news to Shivay. He gets devastated knowing the house division. He fears for his brothers’ happiness. Omkara and Rudra call him up and request him to come back home. Shivay asks them to fulfill their responsibilities. He boosts their confidence and shows his belief in him. He asks them to manage the family and business, as he can never come back now. He tells them about his vow given to Jhanvi. Omkara and Rudra get disheartened. Shivay asks them to understand him. Shivay and Anika hide the matter of the goons trouble.


Anika gets to hear strange sounds at home. She tries to find out who is present around without their knowing. Anika finds some woman running away. She tries to follow the woman. She falls into trouble. Anika shouts out to Shivay for help, while he is busy talking to his brothers. Gauri finds Shakti unwell. She gets limited from helping him because of Tej’s warning. Gauri tries to help Shakti without breaking Tej’s conditions. Shivay looks for Anika. He doesn’t find her at home. He goes out to see her outside the house. He hears her call for help. Shivay gets a shock seeing her in huge trouble. Shivay manages to save her. Gauri doesn’t let any division come between relations. She helps Shakti recover. Shakti thanks her for concern. He feels she shouldn’t have come to help him. He doesn’t want to upset Tej. She tells him that she has to do her duty, without upsetting anyone.


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