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Dil Se Dil Tak:
There will be a new entry in the show. Parth and Teni know about the evil lady Madam ji, who is known to abduct children and young girls. The lady is out of reach from anyone. She has many influential connections. Parth doesn’t know he has to save his daughter from such a powerful evil doer. Rishabh sells Parth’s daughter to her. Parth and Teni will get together to save their child.


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Tia puts false accusations on Gauri. Tia plays the next move. She doesn’t want Gauri to get Shivay and Anika back. Tia has taken Tej into confidence. She acts as his well-wisher. Shwetlana and Tia had joined hands and made the impossible thing accomplish. They have made Oberois kick out Shivay from their house. Tej got manipulated by them. Tia feels Tej can get into her words and do anything she wants. Shivay and Anika have gone on their so called vanvaas/exile. Gauri comes to Tia’s room and sees her living normally. Gauri doubts on Tia that she is acting to be blind. Tia sees her plan failing. Tia screams and blames Gauri for attacking her.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Aaliya scares Simar about the box. She asks Simar to give the box to her, as its really bad for the family. Simar tells her that she doesn’t have the magical box now. Aaliya wants to get the box from Simar any how. She says that box will ruin your family’s happiness. Simar denies to know anything about it. Aaliya doesn’t believe her. She makes Simar faint. She checks her room to find the box. She can go to any extent to get that magical box.

Meri Durga:
Sanjay is cheating Durga. He has done a lot to trouble her and break her courage. He gets Aarti home and tells Durga that he loves Aarti. Durga gets heartbroken. Durga thinks to complain about Sanjay. Durga calls the police home. She wants to teach a lesson to Sanjay. Gayatri gets worried seeing police and scolds Durga. Gayatri tells the inspector about the family members. He asks about her younger son Sanjay. Police searches for Sanjay in the house. She plans to send Aarti out of the house.


Suraj vents out anger on Chakor. He loses her cool and goes to hurt her. She wants to know what did he add in thandai, that the villagers fell ill. She asks him to answer. Ranvijay comes and saves Chakor from Suraj. He stops Chakor and asks her not to anger Suraj, else he can’t stop Suraj always. He says Suraj is ready to kill you and land in jail. He asks her to think about Suraj. Chakor doesn’t get scared of Ranvijay and Suraj’s threatening. Chakor thinks Suraj knows about the drugged thandai. She wants to hear the truth from him. Imli opens the free medical camp and sends the sick people there. Chakor tries to reach the camp. Imli instructs Suraj not to let Chakor know anything.

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi:
Rajbeer proves that Tejaswini has an affair with him. Prem finds Tejaswini and Rajbeer in a compromising position. He suspects Tejaswini’s character. He gets heartbroken and confronts Tejaswini for her cheat. He shows her the shameful pictures and asks her to prove her truth. He blames her for calling Rajbeer. He scolds her for ruining his love and life. He decides to end ties with Tejaswini.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Diya gets insulted by Ratan. Her heart breaks when Ratan doesn’t show any belief in her. Ratan poses many questions on her. He takes a test of her love. He says the girl who couldn’t understand Abhay’s love and patience for 12 years, what will she understand me. He scolds her and confronts her about the legal documents. He couldn’t hurt her. He instead slaps himself and cries. Diya sheds tears and feels hurt. Her duty and determination are still the same. She still wants to find the culprit. She doesn’t care what Ratan thinks about her.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Abhi and Pragya try to help Purab and Disha. They get into their cute and funny arguments. Abhi boasts of himself. Purab asks them to argue later. He wants to get Disha freed from Sangram. Four of them get caught by Sangram. Abhi was managing to fool Sangram so that he can free Purab. Unfortunately, Abhi’s identity gets known. Sangram ties up Abhi and Pragya. He tells Abhi that he can’t show his bravery in his area. Abhi calls him a cowardly dog. He starts humiliating Sangram. Sangram gets provoked to hurt him. Pragya fears for Abhi.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep gifts a car to Tara. He knows Tara can harm Aarohi anytime she wants. He wants to keep Tara occupied. He doesn’t want Tara to hurt his love. He calls Tara and surprises her by showing the new car for her. Tara gets glad seeing the car. He tries to keep her happy and assures that he will always be of her. Tara trusts Deep a lot. He is scared to think of Tara’s reaction when she knows he is cheating her. Aarohi will learn the truth of Deep and Tara’s marriage and planning against her.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna:
Hanuman and Rahu’s fight goes on. Kanha is sure that Hanuman will punish Rahu. Hanuman helps Lord Ram and kills Rahu. Kans plans to catch Kanha and end the threat on him. He decides to use Nand as a bait to catch Kanha. He tells Nand that he has thought the way to kill him. Nand gets tensed knowing about Kans’s next dangerous Asur. Kanha looks for Nand and gets close to Mathura.


Neil and Neela fail to ruin Vidyut’s business because of Vidyut’s alertness regarding Neo. Avni escapes from the prison via a tunnel and hopes to get her freedom. She gets a shock on seeing police in that area. The jailer learns Avni has escaped and asks the constables to find her. Avni changes her plan and returns back to the prison. She fools everyone well and hides her escape route. Neela gets hurt when she knows about Avni’s wound. Neela comes to meet Avni in jail. Neela sees Avni’s state and cries. She feels responsible for Avni’s state. She tells Avni that she is not a good mum. Avni consoles her and feels she couldn’t become a good daughter. She asks Neela to sing a lullaby for her. Neela sings the lullaby which Aisha used to sing for Avni. Avni gets emotional. They shed out their sorrow via tears.


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