Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shagun returns; New twists ahead

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita-Shagun team up to bring Pihu home

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Mihika gets upset that Romi didn’t come for the marriage counselling session. Romi apologizes to her and breaks the truth that he has seen Nikhil on the way, that’s why he missed the counselling. Ruhi gets worried knowing this, while Mihika doesn’t believe Romi. She feels Romi is lying again. She turns more angry. Mihika plans to leave the house. Mrs. Bhalla stops Mihika at home. Romi thinks to prove his words. Parmeet gets informed that Nikhil was tracked by Romi. He asks Nikhil to disappear for few days.

Ishita and Shagun plan and pressurize Raman to call Pihu to the office, so that he can prove he is a good family man. Raman discards their requests at first. Shagun supports Ishita and influences everyone into convincing Raman. Raman asks Simmi to get Pihu home. Simmi informs Parmeet about Ishita’s clever trick.

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He asks her to take Pihu if Raman is insisting. He doesn’t think Ishita can do anything. Raman gets angry on Ishita and Shagun for insulting him in front of the business fraternity. He expresses his hatred for Ishita. She tells him that she knows he doesn’t hate her. She asks him to understand his own feelings, he really loves her. Raman gets away from her nonsense. Ishita gets determined to revive his love and make him regain his memory. Simmi gets Pihu there. Ishita meets Pihu and gets glad. She plans to stop Pihu at home. Pihu and Raman have a happy moment when Pihu gets all praising him.







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