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Udaan: Imli plays another trick. She invites Chakor for dinner. Chakor thinks Imli realized her mistakes and is trying to reform. Imli starts insulting Chakor. Chakor gets angry and challenges Imli that she will get Ranvijay and Imli punished very soon.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Bharadwaj family celebrates Christmas on Sanjana’s request. The family does the arrangements for Christmas. Sanjana shows the decorations done by them. Simar doesn’t react seeing the house glowing. Mata ji asks Simar does she not like the decorations. Simar tells them that its all good. Simar hides her worries. Aaliya tells Simar that the box can create a havoc wherever it goes. Simar prays that the box gets saved from evil minded people. Sanjana gets too excited to celebrate Christmas. She asks Simar to get involved in the celebrations. The box reaches back to Bharadwaj house. Simar finds the box among the gifts. She has to hide the box from Aaliya. Simar doesn’t know how the box came back. She gets glad that Mata Rani has answered her prayers.


Harman and Soumya plan Preeto’s birthday, so that Preeto forgets everything and gets happy. Soumya wants to give a surprise to Preeto. She involves all the family members in her plan. Raavi doesn’t want to give any surprise, as Preeto doesn’t love her anymore. She is angry as Preeto has accepted Soumya. She refuses to Soumya’s request. Shanno too turns them down. She tells Soumya that Harak can get against them if they come ahead to help. Soumya says how can everyone back out. She is adamant to carry on her goals. She makes a new plan and tells Harman that they will celebrate the birthday.

Laado 2:
Yuvraaj exposes Amma ji’s truth to Anushka. He shows her Amma ji’s past by presenting some newspaper cuttings and pictures. He tells her the dark truth of Amma ji’s past. Anushka can’t believe this. She gets shattered. Yuvraaj gives her a consoling shoulder. Anushka decides to confront Amma ji.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni learns that Madam ji has kidnapped her daughter. She comes to the brothel and meets Madam ji. She acts good and hugs Madam ji, acting cool and happy. She asks Madam ji to keep her on some work. She joins Madam ji as the dancer. Madam ji hires her, finding her pretty and willing to work. Teni has one motive, that’s to save her daughter from Madam ji’s place. Teni makes a plan to fool Madam ji and cross all hurdles. She is determined to save her child. She doesn’t care for anything. She risks her life and respect. Madam ji sends Teni to get ready and perform in evening. Teni tries to show she is happy and hides her intentions behind her smile.






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