Ishqbaaz: Nikitin Dheer steps in as the new nemesis

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Shivay and Anika get worried after the fatal attack on the latter. Shivay wants someone to give company to Anika in his absence. He tells Anika that he has to establish his business in Goa. Anika promises him that she will take care of herself, and not pose any hurdle in his work. Shivay still stays too cautious. They both try to hunt down the stranger in their house. Strange things happen with Anika. She feels someone is watching her. She gets sure that someone is behind all such incidents. They fail to realize that the person they are finding is soon going to approach them. They get the news of a lovely couple occupying the house next door. Actor Nikitin Dheer will be making an entry in the show as Shivika’s neighbor Veer.

Shivay and Anika welcome their new neighbors, Veer and his wife Monali. They are not aware that their neighbors are not as good as they appear. Shivay and Anika start bonding with the couple. The couple does their aarti and welcome them home. Shivay and Anika start depending on them.

Anika gets influenced with Monali. She wants to become an ideal wife like her. Veer praises his wife that she is just a perfect woman, who balances all her house duties superbly. Anika too wants to become such perfect. She asks Monali to teach her cooking and all the good qualities needed for balancing a household. Anika wants to do everything well for Shivay. Anika trusts Monali a lot. Monali teaches her a bit of cooking. Anika goes to prepare food for the couple. She gets scared by a fire blast. She comes running to Shivay and tells him about the blast in kitchen. Shivay calms her down. He asks her not to take stress about cooking. Monali assures Anika that she will make her a perfect Grah Laxmi soon. Shivay gets too friendly with Veer. Will Shivika learn their hidden motives? Keep reading.


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