Kartik suspects Raghav’s foul apology in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik stays worried thinking of Naira and Raghav’s matter. He hides everything from her. He doesn’t feel to ask anything to her. Suwarna gets the letter. She reads the letter and gets much shocked. She asks Kartik if he is doubting on Naira by reading such nonsense. Kartik tells her that he loves Naira a lot, he will not ask Naira anything, as it can either hurt her feelings or break her heart. He tells Suwarna that even if Naira had any relation in past, he doesn’t care for it. Suwarna tells him that he is the best life partner Naira can get. Naira looks for him at night. She sees Kartik and Suwarna talking and assumes them to be planning some surprise.

She asks them to take her in their team as well. Kartik and Suwarna hide the matter from Naira. Naira and Kartik have a romantic moment, where they values each other a lot. Kartik then asks Suwarna to keep the letter safe with her, as he can’t destroy it. He wants to keep the letter as a proof against Raghav, if they have to file any police case against him.

Naira and Sakshi get blackmailed by Raghav again. They get scared to let their family know anything from Raghav. They leave from the house. Naira assures Sakshi that she will manage Raghav well. She asks Sakshi not to take any tension as her would be husband may sense her worries. Kartik and Naira hide each other’s worries from each other. Naira doesn’t want Kartik to know her problem. Suwarna tells Kartik that Raghav’s aim is not to apologize to Naira, but to get some motive fulfilled. Kartik too suspects Raghav. He determines to meet Raghav and confront him. Raghav wants to expose Naira’s truth and ruin her life. Naira hides Sakshi’s affair and abortion truth. Sakshi asks Naira to do a big favor on her and meet Raghav. Raghav meets Naira and gets a new chance to separate Kartik and Naira.


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