Narottam vows to support Sudha’s goals in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Sudha shares out her pain with Narottam. She tells Narottam that she has shot Purushottam just to save Narottam’s future. She tells him the consequences of Purushottam’s arrest, if she didn’t shoot him and left him alive to get attacked by Adhiraj. She tells Narottam that now he is her sole support and she will not tolerate if he withdraws his support. She wants Narottam to fulfill all her motives. She tells him that Purushottam’s sacrifice shouldn’t go waste. Narottam promises to support her. They share an emotional moment.

Sudha doesn’t want Lakshya to speak anything against her. Anami and Satrupa get shocked when they know Lakshya has lost his voice because of the trauma. They call for a doctor to know about Lakshya’s medical state. Sudha gets informed about Lakshya’s muteness and gets glad. She thinks the threat has ended on its own. She tells Narottam that their problem got solved, it means Lord is also siding with them. Anami blames herself for Lakshya’s state. She sheds tears in concern. Satrupa consoles her.

Sudha gets tensed knowing Lakshya’s treatment started soon. She doesn’t want Lakshya to tell her name to anyone. She sends Narottam to enter Lal Mahal and keep an eye on Lakshya. Narottam wins Satrupa’s heart by telling her the reason why he didn’t reveal to anyone that she has kidnapped him. He tells her that he understands a mother’s heart. Narottam assures her that he will never come in her way. Satrupa doesn’t want to repeat her mistakes. She feels she did wrong to keep Lakshya away from Anami. She wants to do her best to get Lakshya’s voice back. She doesn’t want to see Anami in tears. She turns soft hearted. She assures Anami that they will make Lakshya fine. Anami cheers up Lakshya to make him feel normal. Sudha keeps a watch on Lakshya and tries to scare him again.


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