Aaliya to kidnap Simar in Sasural Simar Ka

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A girl reaches Bharadwaj house and tells everyone that Piyush is her husband. She asks them to call her husband. Piyush tells everyone that he knows the girl. He hugs the girl and promises that he is with her. Simar asks him what is he saying, how can he say this. Roshni sheds tears. She tells Simar that she has told them before that Piyush is cheating her. She asks Piyush why is he cheating her. Simar doesn’t want their marriage to break.

Later, Simar gets attacked. Aaliya gets her kidnapped. Simar gets conscious and finds herself captive. She asks the goons why did she kidnap her. She asks them what do they want. Aaliya meets Simar and tells her that she wants to ruin her family. She gets insulting Simar. She tells Simar that she will not leave Bharadwaj family now. She asks Simar can’t she believe this, it would be tough and shocking, as she has made such a great plan against her. She says I have entered your house as per my plan. She asks Simar to accept her defeat and think for her family. Simar pleads to Aaliya. She fails to get free from Aaliya’s clutches. Aaliya wanted the box. Aaliya wants to use the box against Bharadwaj family to ruin them.


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