Anant to part ways with Ahana in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara

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Anant confronts Ahana for her lies. Ahana confesses that she has married him to take revenge from Laila, but she has fallen in love with him. Anant asks her what if she didn’t love him, how could she break his trust. He gets angry on her big deceive. Laila gets to hear them and gets worried that Ahana will lose Anant. She thinks this truth will trouble Ahana a lot. Anant doesn’t forgive Ahana. She tells him that she has always tried to tell her past, but he didn’t show any interest in hearing her out. Anant offers to drop her home. Ahana gets upset that she couldn’t convince Anant.

Ahana comes home and gets into a heated argument with Rehaan. She hates him for ruining her marriage. She scolds him for interrupting her happy married life. She asks him to realize how much he has hurt Anant. She tells Rehaan that he has hurt Anant this time. Ahana fears for her marriage. She wants Anant to trust her and realize that she loves him. She doesn’t want Anant to change for her.

Laila gets worried thinking of Ahana’s future. She thinks Ahana has called the troubles for her. Rehaan wants to find out Anant and console him. Ahana meets Anant and wants to know if he has forgiven her. Anant acts normal. He gets joking with the children. He hides his dilemma and tension from everyone. Ahana stays worried by his silence. Laila meets Ahana to know about Anant’s reaction. Ahana accuses her for giving her all the wounds in her life. She scolds Laila for always ruining her happiness. Ahana asks Laila to stop considering her as a daughter. Ahana’s hatred for Laila gets observed by Anant and his family. Anant really thinks Ahana’s hatred for Laila is bigger than her love for him. He feels Ahana did a big mistake by cheating him. Anant loves her a lot, but decides to part ways with her.






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