YHM: Ruhi breaks down after a fearful rejection

Ishita to save her daughters’ lives in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Pihu writes a letter to Lord to pray for Raman and Ishita. She fixes the letter to the kite and goes to the terrace to fly the kite, so that her letter reaches the Lord. Ishita spots Pihu at the edge of the terrace. She informs Raman about this. They together save Pihu. Raman gets thankful to Ishita for saving Pihu. Ruhi too falls in trouble, when she finds Nikhil around. She gets numb, while a car approaches her. Ishita saves Ruhi’s life as well. She asks Ruhi to be careful. Ishita and Ruhi get Pihu’s letter. Ruhi tells her that Pihu stays scared at home. She promises to look after Pihu. Ishita feels she is much unfortunate. She tells her mum that she wants to be with her daughters, but she is failing.

Ishita doesn’t get an entry in Bhalla house. She stays restless. Raman notices her. He tells her that he understands her concern for Pihu. He thanks her for saving Pihu’s life again and again. She tells him that she can sense Pihu’s fear, something is really bothering her.

She asks him to talk to Pihu and find out, as anything can happen to her next time, if they are not around to save her. He asks her to take Pihu to a counsellor and know Pihu’s worries. She helps him by fixing his appointment with the counsellor. He gets more thankful to her. Mihika gets glad on seeing them together. Romi tells Ishita and Raman about Mihika’s divorce plea. He tells them that Mihika took a bad step and defamed him in order to get divorce. Mihika and Romi get into an argument. Ishita worries for their relation. Ruhi deals with Nikhil’s bad memories. She fears to face him again. Raman tells the family that he will be taking Pihu to the counsellor. Simmi tries hard to oppose him, but Raman doesn’t listen to her. She worries that Pihu can tell her name. Raman and Ishita will be coming together for Pihu’s sake.


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