Kanak and Uma live their romance in Tu Sooraj…

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Kanak and Uma have a romantic union. Maasi gets angry seeing them. She gets left with no option than to announce their re-marriage. Uma gets the good news of Vansh and Saras’ union. He blesses them for a happy future together. He forgives Saras and apologizes for his anger. Vansh too apologizes to Uma for his bad behavior. Uma apologizes to Vansh as well. They all have a happy moment. Uma asks everyone to accept his apology, as he was very much wrong before. Bhabho feels she is lucky enough to see this day. She blesses Uma and Kanak. Maasi asks Kanak to leave with her family, as they will come with a baraat.

Kanak understands that Maasi is planning to corner Uma alone. Kanak tells Maasi that she can’t leave the house as she wants to share her duties. Maasi allows her to stay at home, but away from Uma. Uma and Kanak ask Ved and Vansh to take care of Payal and Saras. Kanak thanks Bhabho for giving her courage and showing her the right path always. Bhabho wants all her children to be happy. Aditya’s prison stay gets worse. He calls up Maasi to seek help.

Bhabho welcomes both her bahus home. Payal and Saras get a warm welcome by Rathi family. Uma gets to hear Maasi and Aditya’s conversation. Maasi senses this and acts angry on Aditya. Maasi’s image gets more better for Uma. Uma praises her for always doing justice. Maasi has to tolerate this till she gets the property from Uma. She wants to hurry up and fulfill her motives. Kanak and Uma hide and meet. They have few romantic moments and enjoy their pre-marriage phase. They confess love for each other, which makes Maasi feel that Kanak is a big hurdle for her. Paulmi gets mad seeing Kanak and Uma romancing. She plans to kill Uma to separate him from Kanak. Will Kanak save Uma on time? Keep reading.


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