Kabeer disgusting act YRKKH

Naira and Raghav lead their own plans in Yeh Rishta…

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Kartik worries that Raghav can hurt Naira. He wants to stop Raghav from reaching home. He tells Suwarna that Raghav can send someone instead himself. Naira tries to strike a deal with Raghav so that he doesn’t ruin Sakshi’s life. She tells him that she knows his greed well. She agrees to pay him more so that she can get him arrested for blackmailing. Raghav suspects her move and thinks to threaten Sakshi. Naira makes a plan to nab Raghav. She doesn’t tell anything to Kartik, but feels sorry.

Sakshi and Naira talk about their secret. Sakshi thanks Naira for taking the abortion blame on her before. She loses courage to meet Raghav, when he forces her. She asks Naira to meet Raghav and end the matter. Sakshi requests Naira to save her from the big trouble. Naira gets ready to meet Raghav and get him caught by police, while Raghav finds this a good chance to separate Kartik and Naira. Aryan gets upset with the family, when they stop him from joining business. They explain him that he is not ready to join the business yet. Aryan takes it in a bad sense and turns rude. Manish and Suwarna fear for him.

Naira tells Sakshi that she will end the matter, as she can do anything for her. She encourages Sakshi to punish Raghav for his cheat. She tells Sakshi that Raghav did much wrong with her, she should teach him a lesson. Sakshi meets Raghav and scolds him for spoiling Naira and her lives. Raghav asks her if Naira didn’t come to protect her. He tells her that Naira took blame of her pregnancy and saves her before, but this time he will take revenge from Naira. He tells his plan to Sakshi, which gets overheard by Naira. Raghav tells them that they can never harm him. Naira gets police to punish him. Kartik and Naira have a moment, while she hides Raghav’s matter from him. Naira hopes that Raghav’s chapter ended. Raghav escapes from police and gets revengeful. He plans to reveal Naira’s abortion truth to Goenkas and ruin his life.


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