Raghav to ruin Naira’s happiness in Yeh Rishta…


Suwarna is much worried knowing about Kartik’s tension. She doesn’t want Kartik and Naira’s relation to suffer. She asks Kartik to get to the root of the matter and find the evidence against Raghav. She is sure that Raghav is lying for some motive. Kartik decides to find the truth. Kartik will know Sakshi and Raghav’s affair truth. Naira doesn’t want anyone to know Sakshi’s abortion truth. Naira steps on some toys. She slips down. Kartik holds her in time. He asks her to be careful when she walks. She tells him that she is sure that he will always support her. Naira hides Sakshi’s truth from everyone. She doesn’t tell Kartik about Sakshi and Raghav’s relation, which can pose a threat to Sakshi and Anubhav’s marriage.

The Goenkas celebrate Christmas. Raghav takes disguise of Santa and attends the party, to give the medical reports to Goenkas and ruin Naira’s life. He gives the medical reports to them. Naira wants to save Sakshi and Anubhav’s relation. She lies that its her reports. Dadi gets moved on knowing this. She tells Naira that she will decide for Kartik and her relation now. The Christmas celebrations get a big twist. What will Dadi decide? Keep reading.



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