Anami and Adhiraj plan to help Lakshya recover in Rishton Ka Chakrayvuh


Anami tries to confirm if Satrupa is involved in Lakshya’s kidnapping. She thinks of making a plan to catch the culprit. She meets Adhiraj and gives him the proof. She doesn’t want to spare the kidnapper. Adhiraj tells her that Satrupa has some connection with the kidnapping. He feels Purushottam has forced Satrupa to kidnap Lakshya. Anami wants Lakshya to speak up, so that they can solve the case. Sudha gets to hear them. She makes a plan to protect herself. She tells Narottam, that they have to stop Anami. Narottam asks her to leave Anami alone. He asks her to realize how much is Lakshya suffering. She finds him turning stupid and threatens him.

Sudha scares Lakshya again. Lakshya turns frightened and runs to Satrupa. Anami and Adhiraj devise a plan. They mock Anami’s kidnapping to make Lakshya speak up. She thinks by repeating the same situation, they can get Lakshya’s voice back. Lakshya sees Anami’s kidnapping happening in front of his eyes. He breaks down in shock and gets his voice back. He shouts for Anami, which makes her plan succeed.

Anami rushes back to Lakshya. She spreads the news that Lakshya got his voice back. She asks Lakshya to talk to her. Lakshya faints. Dada ji finds Anami and Adhiraj have risked Lakshya’s life by mocking the kidnapping. They ask Adhiraj who gave him the permission to do all this. Adhiraj tells them that they have done this by taking permission from the doctor, who suggested this to be a right way to make Lakshya recover. Anami takes care of Lakshya. Anami feels shattered when Madhu calls her up and asks about Lakshya. Satrupa manages to lie to Madhu. She tells Madhu that both Anami and Lakshya are fine. She tries to make Lakshya speak to his mother. Sudha gets ready with her mastermind to trouble Lakshya. Will Anami and Satrupa save him? Keep reading.


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