Harman-Soumya’s adorable moment of adornment next in Shakti


Harman and Soumya love each other immensely. Harman gets romantic. He praises Soumya and tells her that she is his real strength. Soumya hugs him. They talk about Harak and Preeto’s relation. She asks him to do something and get Harak and Preeto together. Harman asks her to let Harak do anything, they should not stop him, else he will be more raging. She says we can’t explain Harak, you are right, but we can make Mohini leave the house. He says we can do this if you support me. He asks her to sit, he will adorn her, as she should look beautiful, after all she is his Gulabo.

She asks him not to try anything. He tells her that he has learnt everything. Harman makes Soumya ready. He adorns her with love. She tells him that her hair got spoiled. She asks him to stop trying, as he is not able to glorify her beauty. He asks her not to worry, he will make everything fine. They have a cute nok jhok. Soumya gets glad that he has attempted to do her makeup. Harman doesn’t let her go. She breaks the romance by reminding him to talk to Harak. He says I don’t like this, you don’t think about me and talk about others, without caring for my feelings, you always spoil my mood. She apologizes to him sweetly. They will be getting Preeto’s rights.


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