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Naamkarann: Avni comes to Neil’s cabin. Neil hurts her feelings once again. Avni is in search of jail’s blueprint. Neil asks his team to find Avni. He sends them to search for Avni. Avni tries to leave silently. He finds Avni in his own cabin. He hugs her and expresses his fear to lose her. He tells her that he was worried for her. She gets upset and asks him not to show his rights on her. She asks him why does he care if she is dead or alive. She asks him not to look after her, as she is not related to him. She tells him that she has gone out as she was having a headache.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Bulbul does the aarti in temple. Vijay and Mandira come there for aarti. Vijay feels sorry seeing Bulbul there. He feels he has done much injustice with Bulbul. He thinks to do aarti with Bulbul. Gayatri stops Bulbul and takes the aarti plate from her. She asks Vijay to do aarti with Mandira. Vijay refuses and leaves. Mandira does the aarti alone. She wanted Vijay to realize that she is his wife. Mandira planned to do the aarti with Vijay, but her plan flops. Vijay loved Mandira before. He is in love with Bulbul now. He feels responsible towards Bulbul. He wanted to talk to Bulbul, but fails.


Chakor is trying to remind Suraj the past. Chakor is failing in her attempts. She meets Suraj in the police station. She takes food for him. He gets angry seeing her. Constable gets the food for him. He doesn’t like the jail food and agrees to eat the food brought by Chakor. Chakor asks him how is the food. He says its not tasty. She asks hiṁ why is he eating the food then. She asks him to think of his past once. She reminds him how he used to fight against injustice. He asks her to leave and stop troubling him. She asks him to think well, else he will call her back, he will get restless and find her.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Devi and Kesar do Ghumar and celebrate. They are very happy. Kesar’s husband Mukund is returning home. Kesar’s wait got over. Devi is very happy for Kesar. Kesar starts dreaming of a happy future with Mukund. Devi tells her that all her dreams will turn true soon.


Harman and Soumya love each other immensely. Harman gets romantic. He praises Soumya and tells her that she is his real strength. Soumya hugs him. They talk about Harak and Preeto’s relation. She asks him to do something and get Harak and Preeto together. Harman asks her to let Harak do anything, they should not stop him, else he will be more raging. She says we can’t explain Harak, you are right, but we can make Mohini leave the house. He says we can do this if you support me. He asks her to sit, he will adorn her, as she should look beautiful, after all she is his Gulabo.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Maasi has called Kanak’s friend Neha home. Neha visits Uma’s workplace and flirts with him. Neha has come to stay with Kanak for few days. She tries to trap Uma in love. Uma doesn’t understand her motives. He tells her that she talks well. She reminds him that he has cured her before. He tells her that he doesn’t do treat female patients. She says I have sent my brother to get medicines, I know you well. She gets lying more. Uma tries to keep her away. He feels uncomfortable by her talks.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

The family gets worried for Parth, Teni and the baby. Kaki says they have gone to such a dangerous place, anything can happen to them. Indu asks her not to say anything bad. Indu and Dadi pray for their safe return. Parth and Teni get their daughter home. They have saved her from Madam ji. Parth apologizes to Teni. He didn’t think Teni would go to this extent to save his child. The family gets happy seeing them. They make Parth realize his mistake.

Laado 2:

Yuvraaj hurts Anushka. He tells her that she will have to go through the same pain as he has gone through. Anushka sheds tears because of his cheat. Her feet bleeds when she is forced to walk on the glass pieces. She never expected such a grahpravesh. She has left Amma ji for her love. She believed Yuvraaj a lot. Yuvraaj tells her that he is doing this to take revenge from Amma ji. She can’t believe whatever is happening. Yuvraaj asks Anushka to look after his family, as its her duty. He counts Amma ji’s old crimes. She says Amma ji has made many children like me orphans, she has no right to get happiness. He vents out her frustration on Anushka. His family asks Anushka to get ready and come for Mu dikhai.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Ratan and Diya have a big argument. Diya was trying to prove her innocence. Ratan makes her out of the house. He gets insulting her again. He feels his dad was wrong to choose Diya as his guard. He thinks his dad blindly trusted Diya and gave his responsibility to him, which is the biggest mistake of his life. Diya can’t believe how the things went out of his hand. She didn’t expect the enemies to play such a game. She has failed to win Ratan’s trust. Ratan doesn’t want to fall in the loyalty drama.


Aaliya is trying to get the magical box. She captures Mata ji. She keeps Mata ji at the point of a knife. She demands Simar to give her the magical box. She threatens everyone. The family has no idea about the box. They face a new problem because of the box. Aaliya has own motives to use the box fir her greed. Mata ji tells Simar that the box is powerful, it shouldn’t get in any wrong person’s hand, you can better sacrifice my life, but save the majority. Aaliya asks her to stop it. Mata ji tells Aaliya that her Mata Rani will never let her succeed. Aaliya jokes on her devotion.


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