Durga to face a shocking secret in Meri Durga


Durga asks Yashpal what is he hiding from her, is there anything he wants to tell. He tells her that he wants her to accept that Sanjay’s parents are innocent, and she has lied to frame them. She can’t believe that Yashpal is asking her to spoil everything. She reminds him how their family was tortured because of Sanjay. She fights with him. He asks her to promise that she will do this for him. She refuses to him. She tells him that this isn’t right, she will never agree to his wrong demand. He forces her to do as he says. He asks her to call the press conference and declare that she lied to the media before. Sanjay gets glad seeing Yashpal dancing on his fingers.

He initially acts innocent in front of Durga. She tells Sanjay that Yashpal is threatened by someone, else he would have never asked her to do wrong. She asks him what did he do to compel Yashpal. Sanjay then accepts that he has threatened Yashpal by using his big secret. He tells her how he is blackmailing Yashpal. She receives a big shock. Yashpal tells Annapurna that Sanjay knows their secret and blackmailed him into making Durga accept her mistake in front of the media.

Rajveer overhears them and learns the matter. He tells Yashpal that Durga will never agree to do anything wrong. He asks them what made them get too scared and choose the wrong path. Yashpal fears to tell anything to Rajveer. Sanjay tells Durga that she didn’t win by making Aarti out of the room. Durga thinks to meet Yashpal and know the secret, by which Sanjay is blackmailing him. Sanjay asks her to accept her lie and end this matter. Durga gets adamant. She refuses to listen to Sanjay. She tells him that no secret can force her to accept any wrong thing. Durga pops up home to know the secret from Yashpal.

Rajveer asks Yashpal not to make any mistake, as this can go against Durga. Durga asks Yashpal and Annapurna about the secret. She tells them how Sanjay is blackmailing Yashpal. Annapurna doesn’t tell anything to Durga. Durga insists them to share the secret. Yashpal threatens to kill himself if Durga tries to know the secret. Durga wants to make Yashpal proud. Yashpal injures himself to hide the secret. Yashpal will be taking Durga along to reveal the secret. Will Durga accept the shocking secret? Keep reading.


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