Pooja to get kidnapped by Mr. Kapoor in Piyaa Albela


Naren and Pooja get caught by Mr. Kapoor again. Naren is ready to battle with Mr. Kapoor for his love Pooja. Mr. Kapoor kidnaps Pooja. He takes her away from the family. He gets dirty-minded. He gets obsessed for Pooja. He gets unstoppable by Pooja. He has much powers. Naren reaches the place to save Pooja. He fails to find her. He just see Pooja’s picture in the room. Naren finds it tough to find the mystery. He gets locked up in the chamber. Pooja gives an answer to Mr. Kapoor. She goes to attack him.

Mr. Kapoor threatens her and tells her that he will tell Naren that she is acting mad and also hiding the big secret from Naren. She asks him to return the video tape where Dada ji told her the truth. She doesn’t want Naren to know that he is illegitimate. She dreams that Naren will commit suicide on knowing this truth, he will never accept this bitter thing. She gets scared for Naren’s life. She doesn’t want to cheat Naren. She was helpless. She can’t see him broken down. Mr. Kapoor asks her to think of the consequences. He controls Pooja by using Naren’s birth secret.


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