Ahana’s pregnancy brings new hopes in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Ahana scolds Kavita for sending her the video without thinking for Roshni. She finds Kavita’s intentions wrong. She asks Kavita not to show the video to anyone else. Ahana tries to talk to Roshni, while the latter avoids. Ahana asks Roshni why is she not sharing things, why did she lie then her parents supported her. Ahana asks Roshni about the video. Roshni confronts Ahana for hiding a big truth from Anant. She scolds Ahana for taking advantage of the situation.

Roshni asks Ahana does she want to make Anant away from them. She breaks out Rehaan’s plan to her. Ahana doesn’t want Anant to know the matter. She gets impulsive and goes to tell Anant the matter. She doesn’t let Ahana say anything. She tells Anant about her lie. Anant gets much upset seeing the video. Roshni apologizes to him for the mistake. Anant scolds her for the big mistake. When Ahana takes a stand for Roshni, Anant feels Ahana is trying to set things fine between them by using Roshni.

He turns upset with Ahana and Roshni. She tells them that they have lied and hurt his heart. He tells Ahana that she has proved his mistake of trusting him. He doesn’t want to forget whatever happened. Anant prepares the divorce papers, with an intention to divorce Ahana. Reema tries much to stop him from this step. Reema asks Anant to give another chance to Ahana, as she deserves it. She explains him that Ahana is not totally wrong, she is his wife now. She asks him to think about his children, who are also bonding with Ahana now.

He decides to talk to his children about Ahana. He indirectly takes their opinion about Ahana. Anant forgives Roshni. He plans a family outing. Ahana gets ready to join them. Anant doesn’t take Ahana along, which turns her too upset. Laila and Saloni have a talk over Ahana’s problem. Saloni decides to meet Ahana and help her. Laila stops Saloni from going there.

She asks Saloni to talk to Ahana over phone, so that she can also know the matter. Saloni offers help to Ahana. Ahana refuses. She wants to manage her relation on her own. She tells Saloni that she is trying to keep her marriage. She asks Laila to stay away from Anant and her. Laila worries for Ahana’s marriage falling apart. Ahana prays for her marriage. Ahana doubts about her pregnancy. She feels her prayers got answered, and now no one can break her relationship. She goes to break the pregnancy news to Anant, and learns his divorce decision.


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