Bharadwajs versus Aaliya’s wicked plan in Sasural Simar Ka


Simar comes home. Mata ji and all the family members attack her, saying the woman entering their house can’t be Simar. Simar asks Mata ji what is she doing, why can’t she identify her. Mata ji attacks her with the trishul. Mata ji tells Simar that she is a bad spirit, who tried to ruin their family. Simar gets injured and falls down. The family does this drama to fool Aaliya.

Aaliya reaches there. She gets happy that the family has killed Simar by believing her. Simar gets up and slaps Aaliya. The family scolds Aaliya. Mata ji tells Aaliya that she did wrong to believe that the family won’t identify their Simar, she can’t fool them. Simar scares Aaliya and tries to make her admit the truth. Aaliya doesn’t give up. She refuses to tell them about her crime partner. Aaliya tells them that she will never tell them the secret of the magical box. She tries to run away. Sameer and Piyush stop Aaliya and lock her in the room. Simar and family make a new plan to make Aaliya admit the truth.


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