Diya turns panicking for Ratan’s life in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Diya is too broken since she is tagged as a traitor. Ratan meets her with a reward. Diya is thrown into a dark prison. She has slipped into a bad state because of Ratan. Ratan comes to meet her. Diya scolds him. She asks him how can he be so stupid, that he has come in others’ words, he could have seen truth in her eyes. Ratan pushes her away. He gives her prison’s type of food. Diya cries. She gets determined to stay strong and prove herself right. She eats the food to survive. She wants to come out with a clear image.

She didn’t expect Ratan to disrespect her. All her hopes and dreams are shattered. She will fight for her honor. She is doing everything to prove all the accusations wrong. Diya gets frustrated. She wants to find out who has played the game with her. She scribbles the walls and writes that she is not a traitor. Ratan wants to trouble her more. He doesn’t pity her. she asks Ratan to shoot her if he still has a doubt on her. Diya worries for Ratan’s life, as the enemy is still on loose.


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