Neo’s attack to trouble Vidyut in Naamkarann


Neil takes Neo’s avatar again. He ruins Vidyut’s consignment. He wants to punish Vidyut. He wants to end the crimes in the darkness of night, when law fails to do the needy. He doesn’t want anyone to know his identity of Neo. Neo fights with the goons. He understands criminals will never change, crimes will keep happening and go out of the law’s limits. He wants to teach a lesson to Vidyut. Vidyut challenges Neil about his transfer. He asks Neil to get his transfer in same jail where Avni is staying, only then Neil can save Avni from him. Neil doesn’t take his advice. Neil asks Vidyut to do anything, as he will just bite the dust.

Neela meets Avni in jail. Neela tries to change Avni’s mind. She doesn’t want Avni to escape from the jail. She explains Avni that she should have belief in Lord, everything will get fine. Neela gets some sweets for Avni. Avni gets glad. Neela wants Neil and Avni’s relation to get fine. She is the only one who knows Neil’s true love and sacrifice for Avni. She doesn’t want Avni to doubt on Neil’s intentions. She is aware of Avni’s anger, which can make Avni walk on any wrong path.


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