Yash turns into Ratan-Diya’s savior in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya

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Ratan tries to commit suicide. Yash and Diya rush to save him. Diya enters the quicksand to save him. Ratan wants to give up his life, which is a big problem for everyone around. He tells Diya that he is the reason of all problems. Diya tries hard to save his life. Ratan doesn’t listen to her. He is much hurt by Diya’s truth. He pulls her and wishes to kill her too. They argue. Yash saves their lives.

Ratan takes Diya with him. He confronts her about the cheat and points gun at her. Diya snatches the gun from him and points it at him. Ratan has compelled her to do this. She then drops the gun. He targets her with his anger. He fails to have courage to shoot her. He didn’t know she will cheat him. He believes that she is a traitor. She becomes an enemy for him. She has to protect him at any cost. She tells him that fate will decide about their lives. He gets much frustrated. He starts hurting Diya and shows his bitterness.

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Later on, Yash stops Ratan from buying wine. Ratan doesn’t listen to him. Ratan and Yash reach the echo point. Ratan gets drunk and expresses his sorrow in front of Yash. He tells Yash that Diya has taken all his property and money, he has nothing left in his hands now, she has ruined his life. He vents out his frustration. He says Diya has ruined me, even then I m not complaining, I’m very happy that this matter came to an end. He shouts out his anger and hatred for Diya. Ratan falls down. Yash cares for him and takes him home. Yash wants Ratan’s misunderstanding to get cleared.






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