Avni gets hint of Neil’s new avatar in Naamkarann


Monica starts spying on Avni. She gets into an argument with Avni. Avni keeps her plans to herself. She stays alert. She asks Monica if she wants to give a chance to love again. Monica and Avni cheat each other by befriending. Monica tells Avni that she will not fall in love again. She likes Avni’s hatred for love. She tells Avni that she gets angry when she hears about love, which is not a deception.

She taunts Avni about her husband. She asks Avni not to forget Neil’s cheat, else none will be foolish than her. Avni looks for blueprints. Avni hides the important papers from Neil. Neil tells Avni that he was keeping a watch all the time, as she is much important for him. Monica gets the blueprints. She understands Avni’s plan to escape. She then informs Vidyut about Avni’s planning.

Avni learns about Vidyut’s new enemy Neo. She thinks to know more about Neo. She suspects Neil is Neo, as he was not present in jail before. Monica tells Vidyut about Neil’s missing hours at work. Vidyut asks her to fail Avni’s escape plan. Monica starts her planning to fail Avni’s plan. Even Neil wants Avni’s escape plan to fail, as that would be making her break the law once again.

Avni tries to solve Neo’s mystery. Neil tells Neela about Vidyut’s big business plan. He reveals his plan to nab Vidyut and make him prove Avni’s innocence. Avni comes to his cabin to repair the wall. She tries to hear his conversation. Avni and Neil have cute moments. Neil romances her on finding her giving more attention to him. She asks him if he is breaking laws by any illegal work. Neil hides the truth from Avni. He doesn’t want Avni to get any tension.

He tells her that he breaks the people who break the law. Avni tells him that criminals never change, and she will always be the same. She gets hurt. She thinks if Neil is doing the same thing as her, if he is hiding everything from her. She wonders if Neil is breaking the law as Neo. She thinks Neil has always cheated her by concealing his true identity from her. Avni thinks of her revenge and freedom. She wants to get free from jail and target Vidyut.


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