Raghav attempts to knock off Naira in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik looks for Naira. He finds the ropes tied up. Raghav takes Naira away with him. He ties ropes to her. He drags Naira by the ropes and injures her. Kartik worries thinking of some bad happening. He gets Naira’s dupatta there. He digs up the place and tries to find Naira. Naksh and police too look for Naira. Raghav tortures her. Kartik goes ahead to find her. Naira tries to ask help from the passing crowd. No one helps her. Raghav wants to reach Naira before Kartik. Naira gets her phone. She runs away to call Kartik. Raghav gets after her life. Naira tries to make a call to Kartik. Kartik doesn’t answer her call. Raghav finds her. He wants to take revenge from Naira.

Naira wants to inform her family that her life is in danger. The phone battery gets low. Naira doesn’t lose. She tries to send a clue to Kartik. She clicks her picture to Kartik, so that he can understand her location. The phone gets dead. Raghav catches her again. He tells her that he will get punished any how, he doesn’t care if he commits two crimes. He tells her that he will not leave her this time. Naira sheds tears. Raghav dumps Naira inside a water tank. Kartik finds the tank chamber. He jumps inside to save Naira. He didn’t expect Naira to fall in such danger. Kartik saves Naira’s life. Kartik will be getting Raghav punished.


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