Kartik to prove Naira’s innocence in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik saves Naira and gets her home. Doctor tells Kartik that Naira’s condition is stable now. Dadi asks Kartik not to fight with family for a liar. Kartik asks Dadi to stop taunting Naira. Dadi says you may be great, you may accept this, but we will never accept this. Kartik asks Dadi to think of Naira’s pain, what she is going through, why can’t she forget Naira. Dadi says I have done everything for you. Kartik says you have done this for your respect in society, if you thought for me, you would have protected Naira. Kartik takes a stand for Naira. He asks Dadi to think of Naira and him as one person. He tells them that Naira can’t do anything wrong, she can never hide such a big thing from him. Naksh gets glad seeing Kartik’s support for Naira.

Kartik asks Dadi not to say anything against Naira, he can’t hear any word against her. His love is unbreakable. He breaks his silence. He says I don’t want to remind everyone about my love for Naira, she is my life, her respect is my responsibility, I will fight for her, you all can decide as its your right, I will not snatch anyone’s rights.

He asks Dadi to decide anything, she has a right to give her opinion, but he will also defend Naira. Dadi is much angry on Naira. She tells Kartik that she can’t forgive Naira.

Kartik asks Dadi to give her decision, if Naira leaves from the house, he will go along. Dadi doesn’t want to hear anything this time. Kartik wants to prove Naira innocent. Suwarna reads Sakshi’s messages on Naira’s phone. She informs Kartik that Naira is not wrong, she was just helping Sakshi.

Suwarna and Kartik support Naira. They knew there would have been a big reason behind everything. Kartik realizes Naira is innocent. Kartik gets Sakshi home and makes her tell the complete truth. Sakshi confesses that Naira took the blame to save her relation. Dadi doesn’t get convinced.

Dadi has a doubt that Sakshi is lying to save Naira now. Sakshi thanks Naira. She apologizes to everyone. She tells Goenkas that Naira is very helpful and selfless, she has always protected her in Rishikesh. Naira thanks Kartik for supporting her, even when he didn’t knew the truth. He tells her that his trust on her can never break, his heart knew she can’t be wrong ever. Kartik and Naira unite. Everyone praises Naira for her sacrifice. Dadi asks Naira to spare their family. Dadi gets much annoyed. Naira is sure to win Dadi’s heart again. Dadi is in tension that a new chapter from Naira’s past can hurt them again. Kartik and Naira sort out Sakshi and Anubhav’s differences too.


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