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    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara: Rehaan and Ahana have an argument. She tells him how much she hates him. Rehaan tells her that he is bad and this time he won’t leave the house so easily, she can’t win. He tells her that she is just a guest in the house. Aarav and Roshni have a fight. She asks him to come back to their room. Aarav refuses to her. Roshni tells him that Ahana can never become their mom. Ahana gets hurt. Gupta threatens Laila. He tells her that very soon he will ruin her and give it back to her. He asks her to enjoy her lavish lifestyle, as she has few days left. Laila takes his words light.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Anami decides to run away from Lal Mahal. She makes a plan to secure Lakshya. Satrupa feels she has hurt Anami’s heart. She apologizes to Anami with a fear that Anami will leave her. Anami doesn’t listen to her. She wants to go too far from Satrupa. Dada ji consults Adhiraj about Anami’s security. He says no place is safer than Lal Mahal for Anami. Dadi tells him that they can’t tolerate anything against Anami, as they have already lost Vatsalya.


    Naira tries to escape. Naira prays for any help to reach her. Kartik tries to find her. Naira attempts to hide from Raghav. She gets a phone. She fails to contact Kartik. She then tries to leave a clue for him. Raghav captures her. He starts torturing her. Singhanias feel Goenkas have done injustice with Naira. They think Naira deserved a chance to defend herself. Kirti feels the pressure of her family’s mistake. Everyone prays that Naira stays fine. Kirti worries for Naira’s life more than her relationship with Naksh.


    Neela meets Avni and tells her that she is going abroad for business work. Avni thinks of her plans to escape. Neela asks her to have belief in Devi Maa. Avni tells Neela that she will help herself. Neela asks her to promise that she won’t take a wrong step. Avni lies to her. Neela prays that Neil proves Avni’s innocence and sets everything fine. She wants Neil and Avni to have a normal life. Avni thinks of breaking the concrete wall in order to achieve her freedom. Monica senses Avni’s planning. She spreads the news about Avni’s fleeing.


    Shivay and Anika try to begin a perfect day. Veer’s wife scares Anika again. She ignites fire in water. While Anika gets panicking, Komal shows her worse side to her. Anika seeks help from Shivay. She fails to prove anything to him. Veer wants Shivay to lose faith in Anika. He does all the impossible things to prove Anika mad. Anika tells Shivay that she has really seen that woman, she is failing to prove her words. She cries out her pain. She tells Shivay that they should leave from here. Shivay consoles her. He assures her that everything will get fine.


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