Meri Durga: Sanjay finds a new way to trouble Durga


Sanjay becomes the new chief of the sports association. He wants to trouble Durga. Durga gets surprised knowing about Sanjay’s new post. Sanjay introduces herself as the new chief. He asks everyone to pay him respect. He asks Durga to understand his position and not go against. He tells her what powers he has in his hands. He says I can expel any athlete for a petty mistake, I hate lies, I don’t forgive any liars. He tells Durga that sports association shouldn’t get defamed because of her mistakes.

He reminds her responsibilities towards the association. He asks Durga not to fall in any drugs case again. Durga replies him well. She tells him that everyone knows her innocence, some fraud people have cheated and gave her drugs in food, she can reveal those fraud people’s names if he wants to know. He gets angry when she is about to tell his parents’ name. He calls off the meeting. Durga tells him that he can never make her accept anything wrong.


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