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Anika hears bell sounds. She gets frightened once again. She tells Shivay that she can hear the bell sound, but when she tries to prove it, she fails miserably. She asks Shivay to trust her once. She tells Shivay that there are many bells hanging to the wall in the cycle knob room. Shivay doesn’t find anything there. Anika gets worried. She asks him to just believe her, the rings were hanging and ringing together. She tells him that she is not mad. She doesn’t know what’s happening with her. Shivay asks her to come with him. He pacifies Anika.


Porus makes an entry in Bamni’s province. He is ready to fight with his dad. Bamni wants Dasyus to get punished, as they have created a lot of problems. Bamni has challenges Dasyus to come in front and have a war. Puru accepts Bamni’s challenge. He faces Bamni. Puru says I will surely give you an answer. They both are unaware of their relation. Puru doesn’t know Anusuya is his mother. Puru takes Bamni’s blessings before the fight. Bamni too blesses him. Anusuya witnesses the father-son moment.

Laado 2:

Anushka’s clothes catch fire. Yuvraaj saves her life. He doesn’t want to harm her. He wants his torture news to reach Amma ji, so that Amma ji feels the same pain. He asks her not to expect anything from their relation. Yuvraaj says this marriage is fake, this sindoor and mangalsutra doesn’t matter, you are not Anushka for me, you are just Amma ji’s grand daughter, spending time with you will be a punishment for me.

Siddhi Vinayak:

Vin arranges few things and tries to trouble Siddhi again. He wants each passing day to hurt Siddhi. Prachi lands in Kundra mansion to meet Rajbeer. She wants to remind him his promise about their movie launch. Rajbeer doesn’t meet Prachi. He tries to avoid her, as Shankar has turned down his requests. Siddhi and Prachi share the same roof, and miss to notice each other.

Dadi asks Kartik not to fight with family for a liar. Kartik asks Dadi to stop taunting Naira. Dadi says you may be great, you may accept this, but we will never accept this. Kartik asks Dadi to think of Naira’s pain, what she is going through, why can’t she forget Naira. Dadi says I have done everything for you. Kartik says you have done this for your respect in society, if you thought for me, you would have protected Naira. Kartik takes a stand for Naira. He asks Dadi to think of Naira and him as one person. He tells them that Naira can’t do anything wrong, she can never hide such a big thing from him.


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