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    Ishqbaaz: Anika tells Veer that Shivay will always believe her. She gets praising Shivay. Shivay tries to prove that Anika is fine. Veer plots to fool Shivay and prove that Anika is mad. However, Shivay finds out that someone is conspiring to prove Anika mad. He gets clues and learns Anika has been saying true. He connects the dots and thinks who is residing in the house. Veer leaves Shivay to himself. He feels Shivay can’t find anything against him. He thinks Shivay will just act as he wishes.


    The family tries to find Naira. Kartik’s courage gets low. Naksh boosts his courage. He tells Kartik that Naira is very strong, she will fight for her life, she won’t give up to problems. Singhanias and Goenkas try everything to find Naira. Kartik happens to find Raghav. Kirti worries seeing the terms between both families getting worse by Naira’s absence. Kartik catches Raghav. He demands to know about Naira. He beats up Raghav and makes him speak out his plans.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Adhiraj realizes his love for Anami. He meets Anami, who tells him the plans of her leaving. He gets saddened knowing she will be going away. He doesn’t want to support her this time. She asks him to do his duty, she won’t feel bad of anything. She asks him to let her go too far from Lal Mahal. Adhiraj fails to express his feelings. Anami tells him that she will miss him a lot. Anami seeks help from Poonam and executes her escape plan. Anami and Lakshya manage to run away from Lal Mahal.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Laila expresses her happiness on Ahana’s pregnancy news. Ahana gets into an argument with Laila again. Saloni calms Ahana. She makes Ahana promise that she will reveal the pregnancy news to Anant. On the other hand, Gupta gets hell bent to ruin Laila. He is ready to use all his finances to tackle Laila. Ahana prays for a chance to talk to Anant. She tries to take signs from Lord and decide about her baby. Ahana repeatedly tries to talk to Anant. She fails in all her attempts.


    Avni continues blaming Neil. Neil fails to explain her that he wants to prove her innocence. He doesn’t want Avni to run away as a criminal. He wants Avni to get released from the jail with all the due respect. Vidyut makes a plan and sends a girl to seek help from Neil. He doubts Neil is Neo. He thinks of making Neil away from the jail as per his planning. Neil thinks of rescuing the girls trapped by Vidyut. He himself falls in Vidyut’s trap. Avni feels like believing Neil one more time.


    Ishita learns about Bhallas selling an ancestor’s house. She thinks of talking to Romi about Mihika’s matter. She plans to meet Romi. Ishita meets Romi and reveals about the property selling move. Romi doesn’t want his family to suffer because of Mihika. He is trying to save his marriage, but not at the cost of hurting his family. Ishita asks Romi to win Mihika’s trust and resolve their problems. She encourages him to make his relation work. Mihika gets influenced by Simmi. She starts hating Ishita. She tells Ishita that Raman doesn’t remember her, it means she is not a Bhalla now. She ends ties with Ishita.


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