Shocking twists lined up in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Laila expresses her happiness on Ahana’s pregnancy news. Ahana gets into an argument with Laila again. Saloni calms Ahana. She makes Ahana promise that she will reveal the pregnancy news to Anant. On the other hand, Gupta gets hell bent to ruin Laila. He is ready to use all his finances to tackle Laila. Ahana prays for a chance to talk to Anant. She tries to take signs from Lord and decide about her baby. Ahana repeatedly tries to talk to Anant. She fails in all her attempts.

Anant tells everyone that they will celebrate Rehaan’s birthday, as Rehaan is the one who filled his house with lots of happiness. He tells them that Rehaan has made his vision clear, he has made him see true faces of people around. Ahana writes a letter for Anant. She tries to tell about her pregnancy, so that she can see Anant and herself as parents again. She tells him that she will take care of his children well, since Lord has given her a chance to experience motherhood.

She wants her baby to get a happy welcome by the family. She doesn’t want Anant and his children to get upset with the news. She hands over the letter to Anant. The family celebrates Rehaan’s birthday. Rehaan gets cake for Ahana. He gets to see Ahana as witnessed in his dream. He tells Ahana that she has failed to kick him out of the house. Ahana doesn’t care for his words. She waits for Anant’s decision about her pregnancy. Rehaan sings out his emotions.


The family rejoices Rehaan’s return. Ahana’s letter gets spoiled. Anant fails to read her letter. He tells Ahana that he couldn’t read the letter. She takes this sign as fate. Anant asks her to talk to him straight. She decides to hide her pregnancy from him. She wants to become a good mum for Anant’s children first. She decides to abort her baby. Saloni supports Ahana in her decision. Anant happens to read Ahana’s diary and learns about her pregnancy. He decides to cancel the divorce for the baby’s sake. He is not aware of Ahana’s abortion move. How will Anant react knowing about Ahana’s big move? Keep reading.


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