Anant to realize his mistake in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Ahana feels Anant didn’t learn about her pregnancy, which means she is not ready to become a mother, she shouldn’t get her child in the world. Anant decides to hand over the divorce papers to her. Anant and Ahana feel they have got much distant. All of Ahana’s attempts fail. She feels she didn’t win Anant’s trust till now. She decides to become Roshni and Aarav’s mother first. She tells Saloni her decision. Saloni supports Ahana in her decision. Ahana tries to lower her sorrow.

Laila visits Ahana. She gets surprised finding Rehaan back. Rehaan laughs on her false prediction. He tells her that he is very much inside the house even now. Laila hopes Ahana didn’t do any foolishness. She learns Gupta has paid off all her loans. Gupta turns revengeful. He tells her that very soon she will be losing everything. He starts humiliating her. Ahana doesn’t fall weak and goes for the abortion. Anant reads her diary and learns about her feelings. He feels sorry. Ahana loses her child and sheds tears. Rehaan gets close to realize his mistake.


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