Anika’s anxiety turns Shivay helpless in Ishqbaaz


Shivay gets helpless when Anika loses her belief in herself. Veer plans to take his game ahead. Shivay asks Anika to have medicines. She asks him to give her medicines to cure her madness. She tells him that she is ready to go away from him to secure him. She asks him to send her away. Shivay gets angry. He fails to explain her that he knows everything. She tells him that she doesn’t want to trouble him more. She says I have heard you telling Veer that I have gone mad, you are too good and didn’t say this on my face. He says I didn’t mean it. She asks him not to clarify as she also feels the same. She tells him that she wants to get away by her own wish.

Shivay can’t explain her as he feels someone is watching them. He tries to hide his plan. He gets sad. Veer feels they are close to separation. He gets glad that his plan is working and Shivay is really believing Anika’s madness. He wants to initiate his next plan so that Shivay leaves Anika forever.

Anika gets troubled again. She goes to find the woman. She finds too many bells ringing at the same instant. She gets crazy. She shouts to Shivay for help. Anika fails to prove herself yet again. Shivay understands the game is getting too torturing now. He takes Anika with him. She feels she has really lost it. She asks him to call the mental hospital to send her. He feels he can’t assure her in front of the cameras. He thinks of some way to explain her. He asks her to understand him.

He tries to tell her about someone’s plotting. Anika tells him that she has accepted the truth that she isn’t mentally balanced. She decides to leave from the house. He turns more helpless. He tells her that they can go out and have a change. She tells him that her mental state won’t change even if they go out. He tries to find some way to tell her the issue.

Anika tells Shivay that she will make breakfast for him for the one last time. He tries to convey the message to her. She stays aloof. Veer watches Shivay and Anika. Shivay finds many ways to explain Anika. She doesn’t understand him. She gets more upset with him. He offers her help to cook. Shivay asks her to go and take rest. On the other hand, Gauri gets prepared to face the problem. She has to protect her family at any cost. Tia doesn’t want to spare Omkara and Gauri. She makes a wicked plan.


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