Kanhaiya to impress Janki Prasad in Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki


Janki Prasad/Dadda gets worried when Daali rebels against him. The family blames him for spoiling Daali by his love. Dadda tells Daali that she means a world to him. Daali too acknowledges that Dadda is everything for her. Dadda has been a mum, dad and friend for Daali. They both find the cook’s service bad. Daali asks Dadda to find a new cook. She tells him that she wants tasty food every day, only then she will dine at home with the family. Kanhaiya happens to see Janki’s ad. He recalls his relation with Janki and feels indebted to him. He decides to take up the servant’s job at Astha Nivaas. Kanhaiya then meets his mother Sandhya there. Sandhya is not aware that Kanhaiya is her son.

They have a heart to heart connection of sentiments, when they meet. Janki finds Kanhaiya a tough contender for Daali and hires him as the new cook. Kanhaiya promises the family that they will be rejoicing by his service.

Kanhaiya enters the kitchen to make food. He sings along and entertains the family, while Daali gets unaffected. Kanhaiya impresses one and all by cooking delicious food. Dadda asks him to control Daali, as this will be his first job in the house. Kanhaiya gets opposing Daali, when she throws her tantrums. Kanhaiya handles her tantrums well, ringing a bell a Dadda’s heart. Dadda feels he is the one who can get Daali on the right path. Kanhaiya starts learning some secrets about Daali. While the greedy lady Vaijanti questions Kanhaiya about his intentions, he replies that he is just answerable to Dadda, who has given him the job.



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