Naina to foil Pooja’s plans in Piyaa Albela

Naren plays a prank on Meghna

Pooja doesn’t want Naren to know her mental drama. She feels Naren shouldn’t know the truth so soon, till she finds some other way to secure Naren. She is hiding Naren’s illegitimacy truth. She fears Naren will break down and take any wrong step once he knows the truth. Naren happens to get Mr. Kapoor’s phone. He tells Pooja that Mr. Kapoor’s phone can help them know his real intentions. Pooja worries that Naren will see Dada ji’s video if he unlocks Mr. Kapoor’s phone. Naren unlocks the phone to check media. Pooja hurries to stop Naren.

Naren and Pooja return home. Supriya welcomes them. Pooja runs upstairs. She meets with an accident. Pooja falls off the stairs. Naren rushes to her. Pooja acts of recalling her memory and normalcy. Naren and Supriya get a huge surprise, that Pooja has turned normal. They didn’t know that Pooja was acting. Pooja planned this accident to show them that she didn’t cheat them, she has recovered now. She does this to declare that she is fine now. She wants to give happiness to Naren.

Naren asks her is she fine. Pooja asks him why is she wearing such childish clothes. She tells him that she is fine and looking forward for their marriage. This turns out to be Pooja’s dream. Naina saves Pooja from falling down. Naina hugs Pooja. She has come in Naren’s house with a motive. She will put Pooja in trouble by revealing her lie. Naina will bring new problems in Naren and Pooja’s lives.


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