Sheru’s murder to bring huge twists in Kaal Bhairav Rahasya


Sarpanch reveals to the villagers that his son Sheru is alive. He begs them to open the temple, where Sheru got locked. The villagers refuse to help him, being afraid of Kaal Bhairav’s wrath. Sarpanch worries for Sheru’s life. He doesn’t know that Sheru has escaped from the temple. Sheru runs in the jungle and gets spotted by Rahul. Rahul tries to save Sheru. Rahul doesn’t know about Kaal Bhairav’s soldier Sukuma. He tries to control Sheru. Sheru manages to run away. Lord Sukuma tries to harm both Rahul and Sheru. Rahul runs away from Sukuma. Rahul gets a huge shock when Sukuma beheads Sheru in front of his eyes.

After sunrise, Sarpanch rushes inside the temple to find Sheru. The villagers too accompany him. They fail to find Sheru there. Rahul breaks out the news of Sheru’s death to Sarpanch. Rahul tells them that he can take them to the place where Sheru was killed by Sukuma. Rahul suspects Shakti and Pashunath to be behind all the murders. He fails to prove himself. He doesn’t believe in any story told by the villagers. Shakti tries to frame Rahul in the murder case. Rahul calls the police and gets Pashunath arrested for the crime of murdering Sheru. However, police finds Sheru’s head at Rahul’s house, which turns the tables against Rahul. Shakti plans to kidnap Rahul and spread the fake news of his death.


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