Pleasant change: Rudra to propose Bhavya in Ishqbaaz


Shivay asks Anika to take care. He leaves for office. Veer learns Anika is alone at home. He takes advantage of the situation. He meets Anika and injects her to freeze her. Anika gets into an idol mode. Veer adores Anika. He romances her. Veer dances with Anika. He wants to get Anika in his life. He expresses his love to her. Anika doesn’t react to him. Shivay comes home. He finds Anika lost and tries to revive her. He tells Anika that he is always with her. Veer hides from Shivay.

Later on, Shivay calls Bhavya to his new home in Goa. He congratulates her for her new job. Anika makes Rudra realize his love. Shivay starts getting Bhavya away from Rudra to make Rudra feel that he can lose Bhavya forever. Rudra asks her to stop, he loves her a lot.

Bhavya cancels her foreign trip plans. Shivay gets glad that Rudra and Bhavya have patched up. Rudra has proposed Bhavya finally. They get together. Bhavya accepts his proposal. They make vows of love. Shivay makes Rudra confess his love for Bhavya. Bhavya gets too emotional seeing Rudra’s lovely gestures. Shivay tells Anika that Rudra has also become an Ishqbaaz. Rudra says its better late than never. Soumya has helped them in uniting. She does a friend’s duty. Anika and Shivay congratulate Rudra and Bhavya.


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