Satrupa turns revengeful against Adhiraj in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Satrupa tries to find Anami and Lakshya. She learns Adhiraj is helping Anami in her escape plan. She gets angry. Dadi explains her that she couldn’t become Anami’s friend and this made Anami seek out to Adhiraj. The family asks Satrupa the reason for Anami’s decision. Elders feel Anami can’t take the big step without any reason. Satrupa refuses to answer them. Elders feel sorry for themselves as they have lost Anami again. Anami and Adhiraj bond on their journey. They promise each other that they will always be there. Adhiraj gets impressed by Anami’s talks. Adhiraj tries to protect her from unknown dangers.

Meanwhile, Sudha gets happy that Anami got freedom from Lal Mahal and got better opportunities for her too. She thinks Narottam has done a good thing to help Anami run. Sudha tries to instigate Baldev against Satrupa, proving her to be a bad mum. She tells Baldev that Anami has left the house because of Satrupa, just like Vatsalya did. She tells him that he may bear the pain of losing his child once again. He thanks her for concern.

Sudha gets glad that she is getting closer to Baldev. Anami plans to give a big surprise to her foster family. Police searches for Anami. Adhiraj helps Anami and saves her from the sight of police. Anami tells Adhiraj that he did a big thing by doing an immoral thing against his duty to keep their friendship. Anami thanks him for his support. Inspector informs Satrupa that Adhiraj has helped Anami and Lakshya escape. Satrupa gets revengeful against Adhiraj. Adhiraj realizes police is still looking for them. The family tries to get Anami back at the earliest.


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