Shivika fail to see Veer’s true face in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz spoilers

Shivay follows his heart and saves Anika from Komal. He doesn’t listen to anyone else and reaches Anika on time. Veer thinks Shivay is much smarter. Shivay confronts Komal for troubling Anika. Veer doesn’t want Komal to tell his name. Shivay asks Komal who is the mastermind behind the crime. He wants to know the person’s truth and motives. He threatens of calling police.

Komal stops Shivay from calling police. She tells Shivay that she hates Anika as she has ruined her life. Veer asks Komal not to tell his name, else she will get punished. He asks Komal to jump down. Komal curses Anika that she will lose her love just like her. Veer reaches Shivay and Anika to act as a savior. He offers them help and takes them home. He gets angry seeing them together. He thinks Shivay can never win. He vows to break their love and relation. He thinks of his sacrifice and gets more inclined to get Anika in his life.

After much tension, Shivay and Anika get happy again. They try to normalize things. Shivay feels everything troubling them ended. Anika gears up to become an ideal wife again. He asks her not to start all over again. Soumya meets Bhavya. They both try to reach Shivay. Bhavya makes a plan to meet Shivay. They call up Shivay, who leaves from the house to meet them. Veer reaches Anika and injects a medicine, which leaves her paralyzed. Veer tells Anika how much he loves her. He promises to win her one day. Veer tells Anika about his plans. He feels Shivay always comes in between them. He tells her that she will be his princess very soon.

Gauri saves Pinky from consuming the faulty juice. Pinky doesn’t believe Gauri and yells on her. Omkara asks Gauri to look after the guests. Gauri blames Mr. Singhania to come with a murder plan. Tej gets angry on Gauri’s madness. Mr. Singhania asks them did they call him home for the insult. Omkara and Gauri apologize to him. Gauri makes a big blunder because of Tia. Tia gets happy when Gauri ashamed Tej in the business fraternity. Tej tells Gauri that she has broken his pride today. He ends ties with Gauri, shockingly. He declares that he will do Gauri’s Shraddh. Gauri breaks down hearing this. Omkara consoles heartbroken Gauri. Shivay and Anika will be uniting Bhavya and Rudra. Veer aims to kill Shivay and marry Anika.


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